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Analog Meter – ANSI AS – Ziegler


Analog Panel Meter

Analog Meter – ANSI AS

Ziegler Anush Series Analog Panel Meters Provides accurate measurement of Electronic and Electrical AC& DC parameters as per the Industrial standard. The detachable lower fascia feature allow user to mount the meter either surface or window way. The Anush series comes in 2 sizes 1 1/2’,2 1/2’ with a accuracy of 1.5%.

Product Features

  • AC moving coil and moving iron mechanism.
  • Reduced inventory.
  • ANSI standard case sizes.
  • Detachable lower fascia plate.
  • Measuring AC and DC Amps, Volt and frequency.
  • High torque pivot and jewel movement.


  • Performance : ANSI C39.1 & IEC   60051
  • Nominal case & Cutout dimensions : ANSI C39.1
  • Scale & Pointer : ANSI C39.1