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Analog Meter – ANSI CS – Ziegler


Analog Panel Meter

Analog Meter – ANSI CS

Ziegler Chalenger Series Analog Panel Meters Provides accurate measurement and indication of Electronic and Electrical AC& DC parameters in Industry standard 1 1/2’,2 1/2’, 3 1/2′ and 4 1/2′ case sizes. The innovative design features a detachable lower facia plate which allows the flexibility of either surface or window mounting. The facia is simply clipped to achieve the completely flushed panel appearance of panel window mounting.

Product Features

  • Measurement of AC current, volts, Frequency and DC signals
  • Surface or window mounting
  • Rear zero adjuster on Moving coil meters
  • High torque pivot and jewel movement.
  • True RMS measurement meters
  • Up to 40A DC direct connected
  • Up to 50A AC direct connected

Challenger Series

  • Performance : ANSI C39.1 & IEC 60051
  • Nominal case & Cutout dimensions : ANSI C39.1
  • Scale & Pointer : ANSI C39.1