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Analog Meter – ANSI VS – Ziegler


Analog Panel Meter

Analog Meter – ANSI VS

Ziegler VISTA series of analog panel meters provides accurate indication and measurements of electrical as well as electronic parameters in Industrial, educational and medical field as per the respective standards. Vista is available in 3 models and sizes i.e ZVISTA 212 (21/2’), ZVISTA 312(31/2’), and ZVISTA 412(41/2’). In above models AC and DC Ammeters,Voltmeters and Frequency meters offered to the customers with high toque pivot and jewels movement with a accuracy of 1.5%.

Product Features

  • Measuring and indication of AC amps , volts and DC signals.
  • Panel mounting.
  • High Torque pivot and jewel movement.
  • True RMS measurement meters.
  • AC and DC inputs.
  • Up to 50 A DC direct connected.
  • Up to 50 A AC direct connected.


  • Performance : ANSI C39.1 & IEC 60051
  • Nominal case & Cutout dimensions : ANSI C39.1
  • Scale & Pointer : ANSI C39.1