Analog Panel Meter

Analog Meter – Din Rail

Ziegler analog EQ35, PQ35 and ZQ35 meters designed for the measurement of current, voltage and frequency in distribution, installations which utilizes 35mm Din rails for equipment mounting. The mounting width is 45mm. These meters housed in moulded polycarbonate cases and are suitable for the measurement of AC Current & Voltage, DC Current & Voltage and Frequency.

Product Features

  • Easy mounting with 35mm Din rail
  • Near linear scale for EQ and Linear scale for PQ and ZQ
  • Glass filled Poly-carbonate housing

Din Rail Mounting meter

  • Performance : IEC 60051
  • Specifications : DIN 43701
  • Nominal case & Cutout dimensions : DIN 43700
  • Scale & Pointer : DIN 43802
  • Front frames : DIN 43718