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Analog Meter – Maximum Demand – Ziegler


Analog Panel Meter

Analog Meter – Maximum Demand

Maximum Demand Ammeters monitor the most economic use of cables, fuse gear, transformer stations & LT distribution feeders by indicating the thermal / time characteristic of the load. The directly heated bimetal element indicates mean RMS current over 8, 15 or 20 minutes and a red slave pointer shows highest value reached. Scales are calibrated to match the CT primary plus 20% overload. Where the instantaneous and maximum demand currents are required, the BIEQ instrument, which combines a thermal bimetallic and a moving iron movement in the same case mounted diagonally opposite to each other.

Product Features

  • Near linear scale for MI scale in BIEQ
  • User assessable reset knob
  • EQ part from BIEQ part with optional 2 times and 6 times suppression range


  • Performance : IEC 60051
  • Specifications : DIN 43701
  • Nominal case & Cutout dimensions : DIN 43700
  • Scale & Pointer : DIN 43802
  • Front frames : DIN 43718