Analog Panel Meter

Elapsed Time Meter – (Hours Run Meter)

Elapsed Time meter (ETM) or Run-hour meter monitor ON or RUN time of machines, equipments or other devices, allowing the user to effectively control production efficiency, cost estimation and service period monitoring for preventive maintenance. Time is measured in increments of 0.01h up to 99999.99 hours after which the meter automatically resets to zero. Meters are non-resettable before this time to prevent accidental resetting.

Product Features

  • Linear scale.
  • The time is measured in increments of 0.01 to 99999.99 hour .
  • Non re-settable to prevent accidental resetting.


  • Performance : IEC 60051
  • Specifications : DIN 43701
  • Nominal case & Cutout dimensions : DIN 43700
  • Scale & Pointer : DIN 43802
  • Front frames : DIN 43718