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Basic Protectors – Ziegler


New Products

Basic Protectors

Basic protectors to be used for general electrical protections like Under / Over Voltage or Current, Incorrect phase sequence, Phase unbalance, Phase Failure.

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ZAR SVPR : Voltage Protectors

Product Features

  • Adjustable nominal voltage
  • Onsite selection of V LL / V LN tripping
  • Under voltage protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Phase unbalance protection
  • Phase failure protection
  • Phase incorrect sequence protection
  • Neutral failure protection
  • Self powered
  • 1CO+1CO relay configuration
  • LED indication for faults
  • Compact size 17.5mm

ZAR SAPR : Current Protectors

Product Features

  • Nominal current can be set from 1A – 5A
  • Auto/Manual reset
  • Over Current Protection
  • Under Current Protection
  • Current Unbalance Protection
  • Adjustable trip point
  • Adjustable hysteresis
  • Adjustable Time delay
  • LED Indication

ZAR SPMR : Phase Monitoring Protectors

Product Features

  • Phase Unbalance Protection
  • Phase Failure Protection
  • Phase Incorrect Sequence Protection
  • Self Powered
  • LED Indication
  • Auto reset

Basic Protectors

  • Safety :IEC 61010
  • IP for water & dust : IEC 60529