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ZCM AC/DC Power Clamp Meter – Ziegler


Clamp Meter

ZCM AC/DC Power Clamp Meter

ZCM 4/10 PAD measures, calculate and displays important electrical parameters of single phase or three phase power system. It also features Resistance, continuity, diode and non-contact voltage detection. It offers distinctive features which helps user to take easy and reliable measurement, in remote areas of applications.


Product Features

  • AC/DC Current measurement upto 400A for ZCM 4PAD & 1000 A for ZCM 10PAD
  • Trms Measurement
  • Large jaw opening of 41mm for ZCM 4PAD & 51 mm for ZCM 10PAD
  • Power Quality Parameters measurement like KW/KVAr/KVA, Phase angle, Power factor for 1ph/2w, 3ph/3w & 3ph/4w balanced and unbalanced systems
  • Harmonics Measurement upto 49th & THD
  • It features Horse Power, Inrush/Peak Current, Energy measurement for single phase and balanced three phase, Ampere hour measurement, Crest Factor, Distortion Factor
  • Low Pass Filter function for accurate measurement at VFD drives
  • AC & DC Voltage up to 1000V
  • Inrush > 5A, Inrush /Peak Value measurement
  • Horse Power Measurement
  • Energy measurement at single phase and balanced three phase
  • Phase Angle, THD, DF, Power factor, Crest factor
  • Non-Contact Voltage detection from 100V to 1000V for 50/60Hz
  • Automatic calculation of three phase power
  • Dual display & Backlit facility
  • Min/Max function
  • Auto power off & continuous ON mode


  • EMC Compatibility – IEC 61326
  • Safety – IEC 61010-1-2010
  • CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V protection
  • IP 50 protection – IEC60529
  • CE conformity