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ZCT Clamps – Ziegler


ZCT Clamps

Ziegler Clip-On CTs (frequency 40Hz…1kHz) measures current without interrupting the conducting line used directly with Ziegler multimeters. Complies with CAT III 600V as per IEC 61010 and accuracy class of  1. They are used for electrically isolated measurement of alternating current within a broad range, without interrupting the current-conducting cable and bus bars.


ZCT 105A/101A/3A

Product Features

  • Nominal primary current from 1-1000A AC in ZCT 101A, ZCT 105A and from 4-300 A AC in ZCT 3A
  • Accuracy class 1
  • Jaw opening / conductor diameter 43mm & 35 mm
  • Compact and handy design with permanently connected safety cables of 1.5 m length
  • Transformer ratio 1000:1 in ZCT 101A, ZCT 3A and 200:1 in ZCT 105
  • CAT III 600V protection

ZCT 105A101A3A (1)

  • IEC 61010-1
  • CAT III 600V
  • CE conformity