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ZIT 1kV Insulation tester – Ziegler


Insulation Tester

ZIT 1kV Insulation tester

Ziegler ZIT 12/12A is a 1kV Insulation tester. This instrument is suitable for testing insulation resistance of LT devices like motors, cables, transformers and household appliances. It is very useful for onsite maintenance and service departments.

ZIT 12/12A

Product Features

  • Insulation Resistance measurement from 10kΩ to 2 GΩ
  • Selectable Test Voltages 50V/100V/250V/500V/1000V
  • Voltage Measurement <25V to 600V AC/DC
  • Live Circuit Detection >25V irrespective of function selected
  • Pre-selectable Measurement time for Insulation Resistance
  • Mains adaptor for operation on mains (ZIT 12A)
  • Storage of Min-Max values, storage memory for last 10 readings
  • Go-No-Go Test Facility
  • Auto power OFF, Low Battery Indication, stop watch function, blown fuse indication, lead resistance null facility
  • Protective holster for rough duty
  • Automatic discharge of capacitive circuits
  • Hands free continuity testing
  • User Selectable Backlit Display

ZIT 12,12 A ziegler

  • Insulation Testing : IEC 61557
  • EMC Compatibility : IEC 61326
  • Safety : IEC 61010-1
  • IP 50 protection : IEC 60529
  • CAT II 600V, CAT III 300V
  • CE conformity